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Processing for shipping is around 10-15 business days for most items some may go to 15 days depending on amount of orders before and items ordered. (Example:  we make most everything in house, so if 25 people order the same chromaflakes before your order, we will be making more to fill the next orders).  If your order has any changes it could delay it a little.  In ALL our 10 YEARS we have delivered all orders in PEAK season :), NO order left behind :)!

We hope everyone has a wonderful decorating holiday season and bring as much JOY and HAPPINESS to everyone around!!!

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Welcome to Boscoyo® - where innovation meets design in the world of props. Our models are fully integrated with xLights, Light-O-Rama, and Vixen Software, allowing you to create stunning light displays with ease.

What's new? Our 2022 and beyond props now come with Pixel Paths™ on the back, injecting a fresh vibrancy into both new and existing models. We've also introduced colored layered coro to our range, giving a dynamic, colorful twist to your display.

Ready for an upgrade? Choose Boscoyo®. Boost your display, and unleash your creativity.

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