Most Boscoyo product models and wiring diagrams are in xLights software on the layout tab select the create new download button or from the Light-O-Rama S5 software.

In 2021 we began with putting the pixel paths™ on the back of the props to help with wiring. In 2022 we are continuing to put pixel paths™ on the back of most all the props, but the wiring diagrams are also in the xLights software or Light-O-Rama S5 software depending on which software you are using for your show. As we add new products we are working to also add the models and wiring diagrams. You can also make models yourself in these software’s also. In xLights some of the products you will create using the built in model making tools such as minitrees/megatrees, arches, circles etc. Minitree’s use create a tree, ChromaMesh use create a matrix, Mega ChromaCane use a matrix 4×50 as this gives it the best effects.  Some products that are cut in a solid color or a Hi-Res print but are the same product can use the same download model. 

When learning and using xLights software (free software that accepts donations which helps developers keep it improving) or Light-O-Rama software, join there Facebook support pages. xLights has “Official xLights Support Group” they have many helpful members, and weekly Zoom room help groups and even some scheduled classes.  xLights also has videos you can watch for help. Light-O-Rama also has support, Facebook group is “Light-O-Rama Users” and “Official Light-O-Rama Community Support Group“, there is also helpful members in this group as well. 

*Both groups have members that are big parts of the Holiday Lighting Community*

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