DayCor™ HiRes ChromaBulb 46″ Standing


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Name: DayCor™ HiRes ChromaBulb 46″ Standing


The ChromaBulb is a 46″ tall C9 style singing light bulb. This bulb comes in two different directions, 1–standing up position or 2–hanging position. The DayCor Version comes in 3 different color choices, Red, Green, or Blue.

When checking out be sure to select your color and which direction you want the Bulb.


The ChromaBulb adds another way to add a singing character to your animated display. The work great in a set of three to become the RGB Brothers or to be used individually.

  • 46″ tall
  • 170 total 12mm nodes
  • Designed for 12mm bullet pixels or dumb RGB nodes
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in printed Red, Green or Blue on white 10mm coro
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


The ChromaBulb uses 170 total. This will be 1 universe.

Video below is the ChromaBulb 30″

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 22 × .5 in

blue, Green, Red


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