Minleon 31′ Ultimate RGB Megatree

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Name:  Minleon 31′ UL Rated Ultimate RGB Megatree

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This is a heavy duty full Megatree setup for Commercial Use UL rated.  This is a PREORDER for this seasons delivery.  Shipping will not be calculated as these items will use Freight delivery and will be invoice when its ready to ship.

Boscoyo’s Tree Configuration:


1 ea. 32′ Megatree Tower

1 ea. 12′ Base ring with leveling feet and earth anchors

Falcon Controller setup 31′ Megatree with 6,000 pixels:

8 ea. Minleon RGB Network Distribution Box Controller

8 ea. Meanwell LRS 350w 12v Power supplies

1 ea. Bud Industries Enclosure

48 ea. 125 ct Minleon pixel strings (2x50ct and 1x25ct) installed into Boscoyo Studio HD Max Megatree strips


Do not setup in windy conditions.  First set your base ring.  Use the leveling feet, with included bolts to set each leveling foot and level needed.  Use your level to make sure it is level.  Then screw in your provided Earth Anchor in each foot. (If installing on concrete contact us).  Next set your MegaTree Tower in the middle of the ring.  Use the attached legs to stand the tower.  Put the guy wire boxes out and stake them to the ground with provided anchor.   Hang all your MegaTree strips from the topper through the grommet hole, the bottom of strip has the plug (do not hook to the base ring yet.)  Now you can start winching the tree up.  Make sure your guy wires have little slack as they will pull as the tree is winched up.  Once fully up lock your guy wire boxes.  Then go around and hook all your bottom strips to the provided spring hooks around the base.   More detailed instructions will be provided.

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Weight1000 lbs
Dimensions96 × 48 × 24 in


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