Winch Assembly Kit Dual Stage ASAP Pole Sr.


  • Winch
  • Winch Handle
  • Large Clamp and Small Clamp (1 of each)
  • Bolts Long--4
  • 1" Flange--2
  • Bolts and Nuts--4
  • Washers--8
  • 2" Smooth Bushing--1
  • 1 1/2" Smooth Bushing--1
  • 1" - 3/4" Threaded Bushing --1
  • Coupling PVC
  • Hose Clamp metal
  • PVC Male Adapter (inner pole centralizer)--1

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Name: Winch Assembly Kit Dual Stage ASAP Pole Sr.

(new picture to come with added parts for Dual stage)

For doing a true even 180 degree tree or a 360 degree tree.


The Winch Assembly Kits are designed to work with many MegaTree poles but it was specifically made to work with the ASAP pole designed by Walter Monkhouse. The Kit comes mostly put together for all the items you would need to make your ASAP pole except for the Steel Topper, you will order that separately depending on the size you want.  You will need to purchase your pipe from your local hardware store and build your portable hole. The ASAP Sr Two Stage can add up to 8 1/2’ more of vertical height to the Single Stage ASAP Sr for a total height of about 28 feet.

Additional information of the ASAP pole can be found here: 

Parts not included:

Portable Hole (to be made with concrete)
Pipe: 2″x10′ Rigid Elec Conduit (from local hardware)
Pipe: 1 1/2″ x 10′ Rigid Elec Conduit (from local hardware)
Pipe: 1″ x 10′ Galvanized Pipe (from local hardware)
Pipe: 1″ x 10′ EMT (from local hardware)

Steel Topper from Boscoyo® Studio

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 7.5 in
1. Include:

2. Include

3. Include:

4. Include:

5. Include:

6. Include:

7. Include:

8. Include:

9. Include:

10. Include:

11. Include:

12. Include

13. Include

PVC Male Adapter (inner pole centralizer)–1


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