Worm Hole Tunnel Kit DIY


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Worm Hole Tunnel Kit 20′ DIY

Standard Worm Hole package includes all wall, ceiling, and floor panels. Mirrored endcap for exit and aluminum handrail with floor base plates.

**Customer installs their own pixels.

  • No Moving parts
  • Silent operation
  • ADA Compliant access
  • No elevated bridge
  • Fits inside a standard room with 8’ ceilings
  • Can be any color scheme
  • Standard length is 20’
  • Custom sizes available in 4’ increments
  • Made of Flame Retardant treated plastics to meet Fire Codes

20’ Worm Hole Tunnel (DIY Package)

  • Mirror
  • Tunnel
  • Floor Tiles (20)
    • 2″ thick rubber interlocking tiles (each tile weighs about 24 lbs)
  • Pixels Controller
  • Handrail

Instructions to put together.


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