Panel Model Generator
    Total pixel count:
    • Drag panels to form your custom model.
    • Double click on panels to flip them … changing the wiring start point.
    • Ctrl+Double click on panels to rotate them … changing the wiring start point/direction.
    • Drag panels back to the palette on the left to delete them from your model.
    • Right click on panels to override the panel order (which should be the order you will be connecting them to your controllers).
    • Click export to create your xLights custom model. When exporting you can set a maximum string length to fit your frame rate preferences and control the need for power injection.
      • Use ‘Custom Model Only’ format for sequencers other than xLights.
      • Use ‘Custom Model + Shadow Models’ for xLights versions older than 2022.05.
      • Use ‘Unified Custom Model with Shadow Models’ for xLights 2022.05 or newer for simplified importing.
    • Use save/load to keep a copy of the model to allow future editing. The xModel file produced by the export cannot be reloaded in this tool to be edited so please make sure you keep a copy of both.
    • Each grid square represents a 1 ft square panel. (30cm)
    • You do NOT need to build your model up against the edges of the grid.