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Name: Spooky Eyes


Add some fright to your night with our Spooky Eyes. Features: Each Spooky Eye is made from 2″ ABS Black pipe, includes a HDPE diffusing lens, 2 ea. vinyl end caps, and 2 screws to secure the LED Rectangular Module. Each Spooky Eye is an 8″ section of pipe with the mounting hole for a Smart or Dumb Rectangular LED Module and available in 18 different designs. We designed the Spooky Eye so you can place it in bushes, shrubs, around the house, or just in the grass to give that creepy feel that someone s watching you.

  • All black construction with no painting
  • Made from heavy duty materials to last
  • 18 unique designs
  • Just add your rectangular LED module
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


Install your Smart or Dumb rectangular LED module and secure it with the two screws provided. Install the provided HDPE lens and install the two vinyl end caps. That’s it for assembly. Now set it up in your choice of software and controller.


***View the chart below to see the different types available***

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in
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2 reviews for Spooky Eyes

  1. Joe D. (verified owner)

    Great effect, easy to assemble I had Pixels from another vendor but make sure you get Boscoyo’s Pixels along with the eyes wish I had Well worth the money will save you time!

  2. ChuckBear (verified owner)

    These eyes are really cool, look just as great as you’d imagine they would. I used rectangle modules from another vendor without incident, but had to solder pigtails on. Using official pixel modules would give you good spacing with a lot less work.

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