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ChromaBulb 30

ChromaBulb 30"


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We are working on lots of good things for this year!!



Thank you everyone for your orders!!!

Processing time on website orders are about 5-10 days to box.  Times can vary depending on the amount of orders and the quantity in stock.  Most everything is manufacturered here and machines are always running to replenish stock.


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As seen on "The Great Christmas Light Fight" December 12, 2016!!

We offer custom promotional products and specialized products to meet the needs of Christmas Lighting Enthusiasts. You can shop our products and we can custom make anything to fit your needs, we can also take your ideas and turn them into custom made art!

**Custom Orders**

Custom orders have to be designed and depends on the item on how long that will take.  Custom orders have to worked in between regular orders so could take some time to get them complete.


Shipping is now billed through our website.  Because of the complexity in the calucations of our products if the shipping amount is way off we will contact you.  If a shipping you select comes back at a different amount we will use our better judgement to go select the service for the shipping amount paid.  There may be times that we will send a manual shipping invoice for orders that can't be calculated through the website.  This is all to help with being more efficient and getting your orders out to you as promptly as possible.  Thank you!!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.


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