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Product information

Name: ChromaPole


Our ChromaPole kits are a new take on making a Pixel Pole.

Features: Designed to use our 12mm MegaTree Mounting Strips, the ChromaPole kits allow you to mount up to 6 12mm MegaTree Strips and secures them at the top and bottom. You can install as few or as many strips as you want as well as however many pixels you want since the strips have mounting holes at 1". Designed to mount to a section of 3/4" EMT, the ChromaPole plates can be mounted just inches apart or 10' apart depending on your section of EMT.

  • Each ChromaPole kit contains 2 mounting plates and 1/4" bolts
  • Designed to hold up to 6 strips in a 180 degree configuration
  • Makes a Pixel Pole approximately 4" in diameter
  • Works with all 12mm nodes including Bullet, Square and Flat
  • Made from UV stabilized HDPE
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


Mount the ChromaPole plates to the top and bottom of the desired length of 3/4" EMT. Mount your pixels or RGB nodes to the 12mm MegaTree Mounting strips. Mount the strips to the ChromaPole plates with a ziptie at the top and bottom. You can pull the plates further away from each other to add tension then tighten the 7/16" nut and bolt to hold the plates in place. Install a stake such as rebar or a 1/2" section of EMT. If you live in a high wind area, you might want to use our Guy Wire kit. A single guy wire will go between the front two strips and the other two guy wires will go to the back.