Please review shipping address. We are not liable for a shipment going to incorrect address. All shipments ship to address entered or selected.


Processing 5-10 Business days before shipping all depending how many orders are ahead of your order !! **some orders go out sooner just depends as we use many different materials, and how many orders are ordering the same thing at the same time.  Also, if we get a delay in our material from our manufacturers making material and getting to us occasionally. 

Slow season processing can be estimated 1-5 days before shipping.
Medium season processing can be estimated 5-10 days before shipping. 
Peak season processing can be estimated 15-25 days before shipping. ***All depends on amount of orders that come in at a certain time period***

Order Cancellations:

**Orders can not be cancelled after it as been boxed and ready to ship. 

During Peak Season orders cancelled will have a production fee (which is like a restock fee) because production is working ahead of shipping from a pick list to make additional items since we manufacture most everything but we also carry so many items that have different options to give our customers great combinations in colors or styles, we keep many items stocked on the shelves but many orders coming in could be ordering the same items.  So to keep shipping flowing without having to wait on those items we manufacture production is working ahead.  So in peak season any cancellations there will be a production fee and a credit card fee subtracted from the refund to help reimburse that time spent on making the extra items. 

Shipping & Handling Fees

Shipping and Handling fees consist of all the fees associated with shipping a package to the customer, which includes the packaging. Shipping fees can vary depending on size, and weight of boxes and the location. Our shipping process is different of others because the weight and size is so different so we package each box with care and the best way for it to get safely to the customer, sometimes this will result in multiple boxes. We do our best to keep shipping fees at the best rates we can and packaging boxes as efficiently as possible to get to our customers safely. Shipping refunds will occur if the final shipping fees are less that what customer has paid. Orders that paid for guaranteed shipping date that did not arrive on time (per Fedex or USPS rules), once the customer informs us we will file the claim for the shipping refund, once it is received we will send refund to the customer for the shipping cost that was refunded to us (this doesn’t include additional shipping fees such as packaging). Free Shipping during any promotion or discount code will be shipped via ground regardless of selection made.

Package Damaged

If a package is damaged you are to email us with pictures in a timely manner. We will then file the claim for you, please do not try and file the claim yourself as this will delay the claim process.

We are always working to get the best shipping prices for our customers. For 2019 we have done a new contract with Fedex so now most everything will ship through Fedex for Domestic and International for a couple reasons. We can get better pricing for our customers and also we can get better service when an issue arises We also now have better pricing for International orders through Fedex. Most orders will ship via Fedex. If the order has shipping selected for USPS flat rate it will go to Fedex because they can offer guaranteed delivery in the same amount of days where USPS priority is no guarantee.

Processing Times

Most items are manufactured here. It takes time to process orders depending on the amount of stock and during heavier months. After Processing, orders will then be shipped according to shipping selected. Sometime shipping provider may be changed if needed because of cost of shipping not matching shipping paid. We will however keep it to the same time-frame as shipping selected or better. Products are combined the best way for shipping so some orders could have more than one box. Shipping times are only for once the item is shipped and that is with the shipping provider. Please note USPS priority mail is not guaranteed. Be sure to check Conditions Page and Facebook for updates.