Product Blog  - MegaChromaStones RIP Collection!

Welcome to Boscoyo Studio's MegaChromaStones RIP Collection Blog!

Product Description

The MegaChromaStones RIP Collection is the ultimate Halloween decoration from Boscoyo Studio. These enlarged tombstones are designed to make your display stand out with a "wow factor." They come in black or silver coro and have a Pixel Path on the back for easy node installation.

Dimensions and Mounting

Each stone measures approximately 46" tall with varying widths between 29" and 38.5". There are 150 mounting holes for 12mm bullet-style nodes, as well as ziptie holes for attaching stakes. A small 3/8" rod can be used as a stake with the 10mm coro sliding over it if preferred.

Shipping and Assembly

The MegaChromaStones are shipped with the back slit and folded for safe transportation. Assembly involves installing pixels or RGB nodes and attaching the coro clamp using zipties to secure the star to the 3/4" EMT.

Quality and Customer Experience

Boscoyo Studio prides itself on producing high-quality products with parts that fit perfectly. Customers rave about the fast shipping and exceptional customer support, including assistance with wiring and any issues that may arise. We are committed to innovation and helping creators build stunning light displays.


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