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Name: ChromaStar


Our ChromaStars are the perfect way to top off our ChromaPole or MegaTree kit. Features: Designed to use 12mm Bullet Pixels or RGB nodes, The ChromaStar offers a 3 ring concentric star topper that fits nicely on our ChromaPole or MegaTree kits. The entire star is 23″ across with the small star having 20 nodes, the middle ring with 30 nodes, and the outer ring with 40 nodes. A custom designed clamp utilizes 4 pieces of 10mm coro and zipties to attach the star to the 3/4″ EMT.

  • Each ChromaStar kit contains the star and coroclamp
  • Three concentric stars contaning 20, 30, and 40 nodes
  • 23″ across
  • Works with all 12mm nodes including Bullets
  • Made 10mm Coro
  • 100% American Made from Design, and Fabrication


Install your pixels or RGB, nodes. Next install the two larger pieces of the coroclamp in from the front side of the ChromaStar. The fit is tight so it stay in place. Next insert the two filler plates on the back side of the ChromaStar above the bottom pixels and install 4 zipties to hold all four pieces of the coroclamp together. This will lock in the coroclamp to the ChromaStar. See attached pictures to see orientation of the coroclamp pieces. Now you can fit the ChromaStar to the 3/4″ EMT and install the final zipties to secure the ChromaStar to the element.

Video by Ryan Cook

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × .5 in
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  1. abraham g. (verified owner)

    This 23″ star is just awesome, material is super strong and pixels mount and stay on perfectly straight.

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