DayCorO® HiRes Happy Excited Tree 1


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Name: DayCorO® HiRes Happy Excited Tree 1


Singing Trees bring a unique and whimsical style to the Coro prop market. 4 unique designs let you choose which personalities you want to include, or get them all for sequences with multiple speaking, singing or banter sections. Each tree features an outline, multiple mouth and eye positions, and a unique swagged garland for your pixels. We have teamed up with J.R. Mattos to create the Mattos Orchard collection of DayCorO props available exclusively at Boscoyo.

**Includes Pixel Path™ on the back for easy node installation**

**Props larger than 48″x24″ box will be slit in back and folded for Shipping**

***Special Order Items***
All DayCoro™ HiRes is printed when ordered.  This is not a stocked item.  Processing time will be longer than normal Processing.

  • 48.5″ x 36″
  • Total of 326 holes
  • Designed specifically for bullet nodes
  • Available in printed HiRes
  • Made from our heavy duty 10mm coro
  • 100% American Made from Design, and Fabrication

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 24 × 1 in


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