MegaChromaStones RIP Collection


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Name: MegaChromaStones RIP Collection


The ChromaStones are our take on a classic Halloween decorating item of Tomb Stones up a notch, to a little bigger stones with more variations.  Also come in black or silver coro.

**Includes Pixel Path™ on the back for easy node installation**

**Prop will be slit in back and folded for Shipping**


Each ChromaStone is approximately 46″ tall,  and will vary in width between 29″ -38.5″, and each contain 150 node mounting holes. The holes are designed for 12mm bullet style nodes.   A series of ziptie holes have been added to allow you to attach a stake. A small 3/8″ rod can be used as a stake and the 10mm Coro will slide over it if that is preferred.

  • Total 150 holes
  • Designed specifically for 12mm bullets only.
  • Available in Black  or Silver coro
  • Made from heavy duty 10mm coro
  • Each ChromaStone is approximately 46″ tall and  vary in width 29″ – 38.5″
    • Stone 1– 46″x 37″
    • Stone 2– 46″x 35″
    • Stone 3– 46″x33″
    • Stone 4–46″x34″
    • Stone 5–46″x34″
    • Stone6–46″x38″
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication




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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 24 × .5 in

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