The ORIGINAL 12mm Pixel/RGB Mounting Strips


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12mm Mega Tree pixels/RGB Pixel mounting strips

The original MegaTree Strips (patent pending) are designed for 12mm Pixel/RGB Nodes in either the Bullet or square styles that allows you to place nodes at 1″ centers and maintain a uniform spacing in not only MegaTree designs, but any application that requires the nodes to be installed in a vertical orientation.


Our MegaTree Strips (patent pending) provide that missing link to making a clean and straight MegaTree in only a fraction of the time compared to past methods. No more measuring spacing and taping or using zipties to attach each pixel to banding material or spending hours drilling holes into expensive PVC pipe. With our mounting strip you simply snap in a bullet or square style pixel or RGB node and you are done. Most people can install a 50ct pixel string in 1-2 minutes. It’s that fast!

Our strips have endured the cold winters of the northern United States and Canada to the extreme heat of Australia and performed flawlessly. We have documented wind speeds of 30+ MPH winds on our 40′ MegaTree and we have testimonial from clients that had wind gust up to 75 MPH. The strips are design to withstand the harsh environments of winter time decorating.

The strips can easily be extended to any length simply using 4″ zipties and the provided 1/8″ securing holes that are located on both sides of the strip in 1″ increments. You can use other common fasteners such as screws, rivets, and bolts if you need to mount to wood, fascia boards, and other structures. We also have the MISR Clip that can be used at the top and the bottom of your strips so you can apply extra tension on your strips.

At the end of the decorating season, you can simply roll the strips up with the pixels still attached and store them in a plastic tote or hang the on a wall. The strips will be ready to go for the next decorating season.

  • Available in both Black and White
  • About .04″ thick
  • Custom blended High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic
  • UV Inhibitor added to maintain flexibility and to prevent brittle or chalky plastic
  • Each strip is 95.5″ long with 95 node mounting holes
  • Mounting holes are at 1″ centers
  • Splice holes are provided at 1″ centers
  • Customizable with a pair of scissors, just cut to any length
  • Easy in and out feature to make strips and replace defective nodes

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 7.45 × 1.25 × .5 in


3 reviews for The ORIGINAL 12mm Pixel/RGB Mounting Strips

  1. Matthew Belke

    How did I ever do a display without these! They make a mega tree, or really anything amazing with perfect spacing, multiple mounting options, and a great price to boot!

  2. Jerry Thompson (verified owner)

    I live on the Oregon coast. This year we had 21 days straight of rain, and i mean nasty rain, along with that rain i recorded wind gusts of up to 50 mph at my Mega Tree. Only thing that did not get damaged this year was the strips.

  3. Keith F. (verified owner)

    Recently order this product in order to add Pixels to my show this year. GREAT Product.

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