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UltiMesh by Boscoyo Studio is a new solution for mesh based on node counts and controller applications. With pixels based on 2.3” centers, it provides great resolution for images, effects, and video.  The modular design allows for an infinite number of matrix configurations and our Custom UltiMesh Model Making Tool makes it a simple task to import a model into xLights for sequencing and configuring. Each panel overlaps its adjacent panels and ziptie holes allow you to reconfigure the layout as needed. Since the individual panels are all stand alone, they can be reconfigured for different events or holidays. Each panel is essentially a building block.

The UltiMesh comes in 9 standard sizes for now and include:

  1. 4×8 (46”x92”) mesh, 20×40 matrix (800 pixels), 4×200 outputs
  2. 4×4 (46”x46”) mesh, 20×20 matrix (400 pixels), 2×200 outputs
  3. 2×8 (23”x92”) mesh, 10×40 matrix (400 pixels), 2×200 outputs
  4. 2×4 (23”x46”) mesh, 10×20 matrix (200 pixels), 1×200 output
  5. 2×2 (23”x23”) mesh, 10×10 matrix (100 pixels), 1×100 output
  6. 1×8 (11.5”x92”) mesh, 5×40 matrix (200 pixels), 1×200 output
  7. 1×4 (11.5”x46”) mesh, 5×20 matrix (100 pixels), 1×100 output
  8. 1×1 (11.5”x11.5”) mesh, 5×5 matrix (25 pixels), 1×25 output
  9. Triangle mesh (23”x23”), 10×10 (55 pixels), 1×55 output

UltiMesh Mode Making Tool
(Located under Home page, under Models, under UltiMesh)

All of the mesh are designed with ziptie holes and proper panel overlap that allows you move them around and make custom shapes to meet your needs. So cool, we have all these shapes and can make an infinite number of matrix configurations, how do we get this into xLights?  So, we had a custom UltiMesh Model Maker tool for you to use! The tool has a library of mesh and a layout screen for you to design your personal mesh. You can add panels, rotate panels, flip panels, and change the panel order for configuring controller connections in xLights with the controller visualizer. Once you have the matrix of your dreams, you can export the matrix and receive the composite model for rendering and a shadow model for each panel to help configure your controllers. But wait, you messed up and need to make changes! There is a save feature that will allow you to upload your file back to our tool and you can continue to edit what you started until it is just right! Another cool feature is the pixel counter. In the bottom left we will keep a tally of how many pixels you will need.

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