BBB Mount

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Product information

Name: BBB Mount


P10 Matrix Maker Connectors allow you to connect readily available 16x32 P10 panels and make a larger matrix of various sizes.


The P10 Matrix Maker Connectors are a series of shapes such as T's, X's, and L's that utilize inexpensive 16x32 P10 panels and make a scalable high resolution matrix to use in your holiday display. These panels are designed to work with 5 volt power supplies and the Beaglebone Black(BBB) controller. Our assortment of P10 Matrix Maker connectors allow you to incorporate those needed power supplies and BBB.

The T connectors allow for a flush mount or with tabs to allow them to be mounted to various frames that you could make. We will be releasing an enclosure soon that allows you to install the matrix outdoor and protected from the elements.

The P10 Matrix Maker connector have two ways to mount power supplies and or the BBB. The Mini Power Plate allows you to mount just a power supply on to the back side while the standard Power Plate accepts both a power supply and a BBB. We also make a small mount for just the BBB that allows you to locate the BBB in several locations on the backside of the matrix.

T1 and T2 connectors are designed to be used on the 16 node or vertical side of the P10 panels. The T1 connector has a mounting tab that allows for mounting while the T4 is a flush connector.

T3 and T4 connectors are designed to be used on the 32 node or horizontal side of the P10 panels. The T3 connector has a mounting tab that allows for mounting while the T2 is a flush connector.

The X connector is used to connect the interior corners of 4 P10 panels.

The L1 and L2 connectors are designed to be used on the upper or lower corners. The L1 connectors have mounting tabs that allows for mounting while the L2's are flush connector.

All panels include the appropriate screws and hardware to assemble the connectors to the user supplied P10 panels.

**Made universal to fit Vendor panels, we work with Crockett Fantasy of Lights, Wired Watts, DIY LED Express** They could fit others but we can't guarantee since panels can vary.

  • Works with inexpensive 16x32 P10 panels with 10 brass inserts
  • Unlimited configurability
  • Heavy duty connector plates
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


Once you figure out the shape and size of the matrix you want to build you will need to order the proper P10 Matrix Maker connectors. Lay out the P10 matrix panels by aligning the data arrows to all match and start applying the P10 Matrix Maker connectors.