ChromaGlow Presents Large

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Product information

ChromaGlow Present


The ChromaGlow Present is a present that uses a clear 4mm coro lens and doesn't require many nodes to fully illuminate.


The ChromaGlow Present uses a clear 4mm coro material as a lens, the need for a lot of pixels or dumb RGB nodes is minimized. There are 3 different sizes in the presents. The 10mm coro base plate provides a perfect platform to mount the 12mm nodes facing up. The base plate is supported by a cross brace that keeps the nodes off of the ground. A landscape spike is used to secure the ChromaGlow Present to the ground or the cross brace can be left off and the present will sit flat on a smooth surface. The bases can be daisy chained to each other.

  • Works with 12mm bullet nodes
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in clear 4mm lens, white 4mm coro and white 10mm coro only
  • Secured to the ground with a landscape spike
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication

Small Size:

  • 10" tall and 10" wide
  • Total of 41 nodes (Base 12 nodes, Ribbon 29 nodes)

Medium Size:

  • 15" tall and 15" wide
  • Total of 57 nodes (Base 12-28 nodes, Ribbon 29 nodes)

Large Size:

  • 22" tall and 22" wide
  • Total of 69 nodes (Base 28 nodes, Ribbon 41 nodes)


Choose the 12mm Pixels or RGB nodes of your choice and install them. The base plate can accept up to 28 nodes oriented in a vertical position. It is not necessary to use 28 nodes. Your needs may only require 12 or 16 nodes. Install the cross brace and install 2 zipties through the plate and brace. It will keep them together. Next take the clear 4mm lens and fold it so the cut seams are on the inside and install zipties to keep the lens together. The lens has several holes for zipties but you can skip every other one and it will work fine. I start installing the zipties from the top down. For the bow put it under the ribbon and push a bullet node through inside box all the way through ribbon and bow. Then install rest of the bullets through the inside box to through the ribbon on outside. Then there are zip tie holes to fiinish securing the ribbon to the box. To setup the ChromaGlow Present place the base on the ground and install a landscape spike through the cross brace and hammer it down till the base is snug to the ground. Now the lens will snap on the base plate.

See Video: