EVO Permanent Pixels

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Product information

Pre-order now and receive your EVO Permanent Pixels in July 2024. Place your order today to secure your spot in line.

***This Item will ship separately from Mattos Design***

EVO Permanent Mount Pixels.

The EVO pixel family has grown with its newest member, and that member is ready to stick around - permanently.  The EVO Permanent pixel takes the proven design concept of the regular EVO pixel and combines it with an innovative plastic mounting body - complete with 3M VBH adhesive pads -pre applied.  Simply clean the installation area - if installing in cold weather, warm the adhesive pad and press into place.  The 4" center to center spacing allows easy maneuvering when installing and an out of sight installation.

With EVO Permanent Pixels - we take Permanent seriously.  By incorporating a 3248 RBG - 12V B Led/driver chipset - we have successfully added redundant data to the EVO Family.  In the event that a single pixel fails, the next chip down the line will recognize the disrupted data and correct it to keep the rest of the string lit up.  This means a single pixel failure won't take out the balance of the string.

The constant current design and native 12V technology reduces the number of internal components and reduces the overall power draw and failure points.  Finally the 100% encapsulated pixel is further encapsulated in PVC and pre-assembled into the plastic housing.

The EVO Permanent uses 4 wire technology and has 4 pin xConnect style connections.  A 4 pin to 3 pin adapter is included with each set for the input line.  Additionally a 4 pin to 3 pin end of string adapter is available to connect 3 wire pixels to the end of a 4 wire permanent string.

Rated at 12v, the EVO Permanent has a voltage range of 10.8v to 13.2 vdc.    Current draw is 9ma@ 12v and has an operating temperature range of -40c to +85c (-40f to 185f)  mcd values are R 100-300, G 200 - 600, and B 50 - 200 @ 12vdc  Built in signal reshaping circuit.  Data transmission rate 800kbs.


**Warranty from Mattos Designs**

***This item will ship from Mattos Designs***


  • 12V DC Voltage – native, no on-board resistors or regulators required

  • 4 Wire 
  • WS2811 Protocol compliant (3248 RGB B LED Chipset)

  • 4-inch spacing 

  • 100-count packages.

  • IP67 Rated – encapsulated PCB and wire – further encapsulated in a patent pending PVC shell

  • 4 to 3 Adapter xConnect Pigtails in each bag

  • UL Listed, CE, RoHs and FCC Certified

  • 20ga Black Wire standard

All Mattos Designs EVO Pixels carry a 3-year warranty from the time of purchase. The warranty is not valid for products that have been modified, cut, spliced or otherwise changed from their original form - including the tag on the wire.

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