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Count: 100ct 4" Spacing
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Product information

Pre-order EVO+ Pixels now for delivery in July 2024.

***This Item will ship separately from Mattos Design***

The EVO pixel from Mattos Designs is a brand-new take on a classic 12mm pixel.  This patent pending exclusive design features many enhancements to make a better and more durable pixel.  The EVO + is the next evolution in the EVO fimily.  The internal led assembly is a native 12-volt HS-3248 B Rgb chip/led combo meaning there are no additional support components on the circuit board – this provides less possible failure points and exceptional power efficiency.  Rated at very low 9ma each, the low current requirements mean a thinner wire to achieve incredible pixel counts before requiring power injection.  It takes 12 EVO + pixels to equal the power consumption of just (2) 12mm bullet pixels.   

The EVO + is a 4 wire pixel utilizing the HS-3248RGB B protocol - the dual data lines insure that if a single pixel fails the remainder of the string will keep on working.

The EVO + uses power differently vs traditional bullet pixels - They are a constant current design meaning that the current consumption remains essentially the same across all brightness settings..  Since the pixel does not rely on external components (resistors or regulators) to drop voltage to a usable level - this design requires higher voltage at each pixel - and brightness levels do not greatly affect current draw - this means that pixel counts of 250 and above will benefit from power balancing.   The entire board and wire assembly is epoxy coated and then it is over molded into our patent pending PVC shell.  This provides 2 complete sealed units within the pixel for incredible water and environmental resistance.  The led package is UL listed and our EVO+ pixel retains that listing and has been separately UL certified as a pixel string.

The installed pixel face sits flush with 10 mm coroplast props and has 2 nubs that are 90 degrees from the wire entry and exit points on the totally flat back.  Inserting into coroplast props from the larger suppliers is effortless as the nubs pass through the relief holes in the coroplast and once fully inserted, the pixel is lightly twisted to lock it in place.  Removal is this process in reverse.  Insertion into pixel strip is also improved as our 12mm shell is very slightly tapered to provide a firm but easier push to secure into strip - the flat back makes this process much easier on your hands.  The EVO pixel is pushed TO the nubs in this case.  Your props can be stored in less space, can be mounted flat, and can easily be double sided with this evolution in pixel design.  EVO Pixels can be used with coroplast that does not have notches in the 12mm cutout - but extra effort is required to push the nubs through the back layer to allow the face to sit flush with 10mm props.

With its incredibly light weight of 238 grams / 100 (@4” spacing) your props will become significantly lighter and easier to hang.  A 1,000-pixel high density prop using EVO’s weighing 11.25 lbs. less (5.25 lbs. / 1,000 EVO vs 16.5 lbs. 1,000 12v Bullets).

The brightness rivals bullet pixels, featuring a full 12mm of illuminated surface (vs 8mm for a bullet pixel), side and rear illumination, and simplicity of insertion and storage – EVO + Pixels are revolutionizing displays around the world and improving the show building experience.  Each EVO + Pixel is marked on the back with "+ Data -" to indicate the input side of the pixel in the event the user wants to customize a string or a repair is required.  A 3-year warranty is standard for all unmodified / uncut pixel strings.

**Warranty from Mattos Designs**
***Shipping will be from Mattos Designs***


  • 12V DC Voltage – native, no on-board resistors or regulators required

  • 4 Wire 
  • HS-2348RGB B Protocol

  • 4 inch spacing 

  • 200 Count, 100 Count, TWO 50 Count, or FOUR 25 Count packages.

  • IP67 Rated – encapsulated PCB and wire – further encapsulated in a patent pending PVC shell

  • 4 wire to 3 wire Adapter for xConnect Pigtails in each bag

  • UL Listed, CE, RoHs and FCC Certified

  • 20ga Black Wire standard

All Mattos Designs EVO + Pixels carry a 3-year warranty from the time of purchase. The warranty is not valid for products that have been modified, cut, spliced or otherwise changed from their original form - including the tag on the wire.

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