Megatree Mounting Strip Heavy Duty Max Up/Down--LOADED

SKU: PMS-Max-L-UD-2-100-B
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Color: BLACK
Options:: 100 Count @ 2" Spacing
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Product information

Megatree Mounting Strip Heavy Duty Max Up/Down --Loaded

Strongest Strip on the Market!!

This Heavy Duty Max mounting strip material is a polymer with higher tinsel strength more than the high density (HDPE). This material reduces stretch and makes for a stronger strip. It comes in 1" (approx spacing .98"), 3" (approx). These can be used with the MISR clips, you just fold over the top hole and zip tie.

"Loaded" means these are already loaded with Pixels. 12v Regulated Pixels with black wire and x connect ends. Each Pixel string has a 13' leader to connect between your controller and pixel number 1. Each mounting strip includes 18" extra at the bottom and 6" at the top. Pixels are installed and tested before shipping. This one is uses two strips with one strand of pixels to go up one strip and down the other.

Pixel specs:

  • 12mm diameter (WS2811)
  • Full RGB color
  • IP68 rated, epoxy resin filled
  • Voltage 12vdc
  • Viewing 100-120 degree
  • Max power 0.30 watts

Mounting Strip Options consits of two strips:

  1. 50 Count Pixels @ 3" spacing 25 pixels up & 25 pixels down (consist of 6'3" of light each way)

  2. 100 Count Pixels @ 2" spacing 50 pixels up & 50 pixels down (consist of 8'4" of light each way)
  3. 100 Count Pixels @ 3" spacing 50 pixels up & 50 pixels down(consist of 12'6" of light each way)

This material comes in Black or Frosted.

**Be sure to select which strip and the color**

***Currently this order is Special Order which means it will be made when ordered***