Modular Matrix Panels V4 (6" wide, 3 hole wide)

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Color: BLACK
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Product information

Name: Modular Matrix Panels V4 (6" wide, 3 hole wide)


The idea behind the Modular Matrix Panels was to make cost effective solution that was reasonable to ship. Our Modular Matrix panel allows us to roll up an 6" wide panel and ship it at a reasonable cost without limiting your creativity. Our V4 version is a more flexible yet still rigid material.


Each panel is made from our thick UV Stabilized plastic and measures 6" wide by 94.5" long. The panels each have a 3x42 matrix with 2" spacing vertically between the 3 nodes and 2.25" horizontally between the 42 nodes. Each panel has 126 nodes and can be configured as a single universe. Each panel has ziptie holes that allow you to expand the matrix vertically and horizontally in an endless configuration. The material can be cut to size for a custom fit with the use of heavy scissors or a utility knife. The material offers a commercial grade solution.

  • 3x42 Matrix plane node configuration 126 Nodes total
  • Available in Black or White
  • Material is 0.062" thick
  • UV Stabilized
  • Modular design to make as big or as small as you want
  • 6" x 94.5" nominal panel size
  • Works with all 12mm nodes both square and bullet styles
  • 2" spacing vertically between the 3 nodes and 2.25" horizontally between the 42 nodes
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication

Other uses:

Eave/Gutter outline - You can hang one panel or put two together and make a matrix that can mimic Plasma Icicle by using the meteor effect. Now you can scroll text on the eave and many of the other nutcracker effects that will look awesome on your eave or gutter.

Column Panels - Take the panel and rotate it vertically and place it in front of the columns of your house and now you can easily add pixels. The ends have additional ziptie stitch holes on the ends to quickly extend the modular matrix panel from the ground to the roof line of the second floor. They can be placed on the corners of the house as well.