Pixelaria Set (12 piece set)

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Pixelaria Set (12 piece set)

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Name: Pixelaria Set


The Pixelaria is a modern take on a Luminaria.


The Pixelaria is based on the idea from Blake_l at DoitYourselfChristmas.com of a Luminaria bag that used candles to provide that traditional look. We have designed a solution that allows you to use from 1 to 15 12mm pixel or dumb RGB bullet nodes. Made from 4mm coro the new Pixelaria provides a great foundation to use for many holidays by adding your own silhouettes. **Silhouettes not included**

  • 4.5" deep x7" wide x 15" tall
  • 1-15 total 12mm nodes
  • Designed for 12mm bullet pixels or dumb RGB nodes
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Made of clear and black 4mm coro
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication
  • You will need to furnish pixels or dumb nodes and zipties to assemble the Pixelaria
  • Items sells as a single item or in a set of 12


The Pixelaria is made of 4 parts. A Base Plate, Insert Base, Pixel Holder, and Lens. First take the clear coro lens and fold the flat lens into the rectangular shape with the cut fold seams to the inside. Insert the zipties loosely at first and once you have them all installed you can tighten them up and cut off the extra. The short side of the lens should butt to the long side of the lens and set it off to the side.

Next take the large flat base plate and the insert base. Place the insert base on the base plate with the cut fold seams facing down and install zipties or hot glue them together. Now take the pixel holder and install however many nodes you want. The holder allows for as few as 1 node but can hold up to 15 in a 3x5 matrix. Modules can also be used. Now take the base plate with the insert base attached and fold up the four sides. There are slots for the pixel holder to fit into and keep the pixels in place. You will also see two corners are cut out to allow the wires to feed in and out. While holding the assembled base plate with pixels installed you can now slide it into the bottom of the clear coro lens. Take note that two corners of the lens have cut outs for the wire to feed in and out. These holes need to line up with the ones on the base plate. Now you can find two ziptie holes on the short 4.5" wide side of the lens that go through the base as well. These will hold the entire assembly together.

To secure the Pixelaria you can place a sand filled ziplock bag inside the base or install landscape spikes into the holes either on the outside of the base plate or in the two extra holes inside the Pixelaria.