Slip Sheet

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Color: BLACK
Size: 2'x8'
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Product information

Slip Sheet (No Holes)

Slip sheet is just a blank sheet to go behind the mesh behind the wires, will just have zip tie holes around it.

***Specifically for use on Garage doors where no wind holes are needed***

***Disclaimer: Garage door weights need to be strong enough to handle the weight of the product with pixels being applied to the doors*** We are not responsible for any overweights applied to garage doors that can damage or break garage doors*** Please be sure to check your garage door weight before proceeding***

For Garage door us, you will also need to order a slip sheet to go behind the wiring, which will be a blank sheet with zip tie holes only.


UltiMesh by Boscoyo Studio is a new solution for mesh based on node counts and controller applications.

  1. 4x8 (46”x92”)
  2. 2x8 (23”x92”)

UltiMesh Mode Making Tool
(Located under Home page, under Models, under UltiMesh)