The ORIGINAL 12mm Pixel Megatree Mounting Strip 3" Centers

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Color: BLACK
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Product information

The ORIGINAL 12mm Pixel Megatree Mounting Strip 3" Centers Like the original strips, they are made from our heavy duty, UV Stabilized, HDPE material. The strips maintain the 3 smaller 1/8" holes for use with our Aluminum MISR clips, splicing, and other termination methods and have mounting holes at 3" on center. We continue to use a textured one side and smooth other material. The texture is purely for look and is your choice to which side faces outward. The good news is for those who know they want a 3" spacing and don't need the additional holes for options, the strips are cheaper! Because the machining process is reduced a significant amount, we are passing that savings on to you.

  • Available in both Black and White
  • About .04" thick
  • Custom blended High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic
  • UV Inhibitor added to maintain flexibility and to prevent brittle or chalky plastic
  • Each strip is 95.5" long with 32 node mounting holes
  • Mounting holes are at 1" centers
  • Splice holes are provided at 1" centers
  • Customizable with a pair of scissors, just cut to any length
  • Easy in and out feature to make strips and replace defective nodes